Cardiff Masonic Hall


Do you wish to hold your ceremony, reception and party at the same venue?
Is the venue licensed to hold weddings?
Does the venue allow you to book just your ceremony, just your reception, or just your party?
Does your venue employ a full-time chef and team who you can meet and discuss your requirements?
How flexible is the catering if there is something you want that is not on the menu?
Can your venue provide suitable entertainment and DJ, or allow you to arrange your own if you prefer?
Does your venue have a bar with a good range of products?  What are the bar prices?
Will you be allowed to dress the venue yourself if you wish? 
Do you want your venue to be close to a choice of hotels suitable for guests on varying budgets?
Is being close to train stations, buses and taxis important to your guests?
Does your venue provide rooms for changing?
If the weather is poor, are there plenty of indoor photography settings?
Will your wedding co-ordinator help with your arrangements right up to the wedding day?