Square Meals Closure – 30th June

Following the Welsh Assembly First Minister’s announcement that several restrictions are being eased, non-essential shops were allowed to open as of Monday 22nd, that relatives are to be allowed to travel further distances to support their family members who have been isolated and the heartening news that the ‘R’ rate is now reducing still further, we at the Cardiff Masonic Hall have decided that the fantastic work that has been carried out tirelessly throughout the last three and a half months by our dedicated and selfless volunteers is now therefore coming to an end.

Over this period, our Chefs, Waiting and Bar staff, our Office and Managerial Staff and a host of volunteer drivers brought together by their passion to help and support those less fortunate than themselves, have put themselves on the line day after day to cater for so many in the South Wales Provincial area. This has enabled isolated and vulnerable individuals to be able to benefit from delicious and nutritional meals from a wide range of our menu. It has also allowed those less fortunate through circumstances beyond their control to be supported at a time when Charities in the area have been stretched to capacity through the limitations put on their funding.

In total, we have completed over 2000 deliveries of meals during this time and this is only part of the amazing support that has been delivered to families in South Wales by the Freemasons in the area.

I am immensely proud of everyone that has stepped up and volunteered throughout the recent challenges and I want to express the appreciation of the entire Board at the Cardiff Masonic Hall for all of the selfless contribution that has been given. You have all excelled in your respective roles and given so much.

So, after what seems like an age, the ‘Square Meals’ initiative from the Cardiff Masonic Hall will come to an end on Tuesday 30th June. All orders received up to that date will continue as usual and all deliveries will be made on the usual scheduled days. Tuesday 30th will be the last delivery day covering that day and the Wednesday following.

Please remember though, the initiative may be stopping, but the Freemasons of South Wales and beyond are still here, dedicated and ready to help and assist if you or your families find yourselves in need of help. It is, after all, the basis of what Freemasonry stands for and is here for. So if you need further assistance, please reach out, we are here to support you.

Kindest regards, always,

Phill Hanlon
Director and General Manager